Wandering Through the Middle East: Designer's Travel Diaries

While looking for inspiration for 2tee Couture and Noa Elle Spring 2015 collections, our designer Sigal traveled all the way across the ocean to the Middle East. Every time our team is travelling we just can't stop surprising how amazing this world is and how many places we still need to be discovered. The world around us is to be learned, to be experienced! The journey promised to be even more exciting since Sigal was traveling with her adorable 4-years-old son Noah, the inspiration behind Noa Elle fashion line. 

There is something very special about Middle East. The culture, the spirit, the people, the excitement of being free and be blessed to enjoy this beautiful life every day! We can't tell any details about our upcoming collections yet, but are so excited to share some of the gorgeous views that inspired it!
One of the most exciting and inspiring moment of the whole journey was "White for Peace" event. The organizers of the event gave thousands of white balloons to all guests. In a minute all guests raise all those balloons into the sky for the peace in the whole world. Just incredible feeling!
It is even more inspiring, when travelling, to see gorgeous ladies worldwide wearing 2tee Couture and Noa Elle pieces! Look how stunning one of our customer is in the Ashley top by Noa Elle.
It was a great trip, but it's time to go home! 2tee Couture & Noa Elle new collections are coming soon!