How to Transition Summer to Fall Wardrobe

August is the perfect time to add a transitional element to your wardrobe. The weather is gradually changing and you have to spend a bit more time thinking what to wear. Today on the blog we will share some ideas how to transition your wardrobe between seasons. In fact, you don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe for the upcoming season. Just add a couple of pieces that counts and can be easily styled for every occasion. Here at 2tee Couture we just can't wait to share with you our new Fall transition collection! Come to see us at the Americasmart in Atlanta and Dallas and be the first to see our new collection! 
1. Layers
This August it's all about "Bohemian Chic”, in other words, layers upon layers. You can layer anything on top of your summer top and make it fall wearable. But try not to overdo it, keep it simple. The key is to make sure that you have not more than three layers.
2. Prints
You can definitely wear your favorite prints during the fall transition period. Pair your summer printed top with a leather jacket and jeans to make your look more edgy. That printed dress you’ve been wearing all summer will also look great with a blazer or a jeans jacket. Prints look amazing with natural colors like beige or milky shades, as well as with black and white. Mix patterns and make contrasts!
3. Summer dress
Wear your favorite summer dress with a long-sleeve shirt or turtleneck underneath. Or throw on some tights under your pretty summer dress. There are limitless patterns, prints, fabrics, and colors out there. Play it up or dress it down. The options are endless.
You don’t have to wear all fall accessories at once. Bohemian- inspired jewelry and scarves might be the best option to start with! There are so many styles and variations available to make them more appropriate indoors. Go ahead and pair a delicate, printed scarf with a solid colored sundress for a fun fall look. Wear a long scarf with a casual t-shirt. Match a natural colored scarf with a funky top. Get creative but still stay smart.
5. Bright bags
Brightly colored, bohemian-inspired handbags are such an easy and fun way to add just the right amount of punch into your wardrobe. Of course, a bright fringe bag is a key item of the season.