How To Style Noa Elle For a Very Special Occasion This Summer

Got invited to the bohemian-inspired wedding and have no clue what to wear? Noa Elle is here for you! Today on the blog we will share the bohemian fashion style tips and tricks and show how to create your best boho look for a special occasion. 

 Of course, the dress is always a big deal! In our vintage inspired Lexi dress by Noa Elle  you will definitely steal the show. You will perfectly fit the wedding’s casual tone yet look dressy enough to honor a very special occasion.

Go for a feminine look in the Dakota shoulder baring dress by Noa Elle. Add a pop of color pairing it with statement jewelry. 

You can even wear Noa Elle by 2tee Couture on your own Big Day! Look how pretty our customer Karley from True Blue Boutique is in this absolutely gorgeous Heather dress! 
Getting ready for the wedding, don't forget about your hair. Wear a floral crown or incorporate just some flowers to your hair-do. Plaits and flowers are also a great combination. The hair-do will add you more of a gypsy vibe with some soft vintage romance.


You can also try an alternative accessory to make you stand out.

Adding to the free spirited feel, you may want some flat shoes. Or maybe no shoes at all.
But of course, it's all about your positive attitude! Overall, comfort and effortless is key.

Have fun at your summer parties!