40 Days Till the Gameday Season: Top 5 Tips You Need To Know Before The Big Day

The Gameday season is almost here. Here at 2TeeCouture we could not be more excited as our exclusive Gameday collection will be officially introduced next week! 
But have you ever found yourself wondering what to wear to a football game? Today we will share with you some important tips how to show your ultimate school spirit and still look cute on the gameday!
1. Wear your school colors 
It might seem a simple and evident step. But in fact it might be difficult to incorporate your school colors into your outfit! Here at 2TeeCouture we can’wait to share with you our new Gameday collection and show how to style it for the gameday season! All details on the blog next week!Make sure that you check what the weather is going to be like.
  1. Keep it casual and wear comfortable shoes!
Gameday tailgating is a big part of the fun of gameday!  Obviously you will be walking a lot!  Try to avoid high heels or even wedges. Have a shoe you know you can walk in for a while. Simple flats or sandals will be the perfect choice for that day!
  1. Take the right purse with you
You don’t really need to bring a lot of things to the stadium with you. All you might need is your tickets, a credit card, ID, your smartphone, and maybe some lip gloss. Also, keep in mind that it might get messy and wet on the stadium because people dump beer on the floor all the time. Just grab a simple cross-body purse you can put over your shoulder so that you don’t have to worry about.
  1. Accessorize smart
Use your jewelry to show your spirit on the big day! There are a lot of fun and cute earrings, necklaces and bracelets out there, which will be perfect for that day!
 5. Make sure that you check what the weather is going to be like.
You need to make sure that you will be wearing the right kind of clothes. You don’t have to change your whole outfit! Simply throw on a scarf or wear your boots instead of your sandals. Also, make sure  to check for rain and grab your umbrella if needed.
Remember! Gameday season is a huge thing!  So don’t forget to get crazy and have fun!