Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

After 4th of July celebration is officially over, it’s just the perfect time to start thinking about Fall fashion. We all love bikinis and shorts, but let’s be honest, Fall is the time when the real fashion comes. Moreover, many industry influencers believe that Fall is the most exiting time of the year. Whether you want to follow fashion trends, ignore them, or rebel against them entirely, the one thing you can’t do is deny their existence.  We’re here to tell you what the hottest Fall 2014 / Winter 2015 fashion trends are and offer advice on how to wear them. Let’s take a look!
1. Folkloric 
Photo courtesy of patternbank.com
Folkloric, which channels the boho glamour of the '60s and '70s in a mix of bohemian and folk, is definitely our favorite trend of the upcoming season. Embroidery, border prints, and print mixing are key. Colors include: blues, deep reds, warm neutrals, honey tones, and red-casted browns.
2. Funk Fashion 
Photo courtesy of fashionisers.com
 Funk fashion is not going anywhere this Fall. Expect sleek leathers and destroyed denim as key materials. Trims such as studs, zippers, and buckles will add even more tough nature to your funk look. 
3. Digital prints
Photo courtesy of patternbank.com
Incredibly beautiful and colorful prints will still be a big thing in the upcoming season. Prints might seem even bigger and bolder this season, but they are still incredibly gentle and feminine.
4. Boudoir fashion 
 Photo courtesy of stylesight.com
 ‘Boudoir’ fashion will keep growing this Fall. In the upcoming season it will be inspired by old Hollywood starlets and Victorian gentlemen fuse. Boudoir is full of luxury silk, jacquard, and velvet. Delicate trims and  soft shades like powdery blues, lilac,and  vanilla play up glamour. 
5. Sports fashion
Photo courtesy of patternbank.com
The sports theme gains a highly sophisticated perspective for the near future. Color blocking and geometric motifs reinforce the trend in new colors and shapes. Important colors for sports fashion are gold, red, royal, navy, and olive. Of course, don’t forget about signature accessories such as bright accents, elastic or ankle boots.