Top 5 Reasons To Buy American

July 4th weekend is just around the corner! For many Americans it is a great day to express their patriotism. One of the best ways to do it is to buy American made products. 
But do you know that according to ABC news, only 2% of apparel being sold in the US is actually produced in the country? More and more companies prefer to manufacture overseas, where labor cost and materials are much cheaper. But that doesn't necessarily mean good quality. That's why many customers prefer to check the label of origin before buying a product. "Made in the USA" has become a symbol of great quality! Let's take a look at top 5 reasons why it is important to buy American made products!
1. Better Quality
It is easier and more efficient for many companies to organize a quality control when manufacturing sites are local. They are able to frequent and monitor the whole production process. Furthermore, it takes additional effort for companies to settle upon a profitable system, which corresponds to the Made in the U.S.A standards.
2. Creating New Jobs
More businesses need more workers to produce their products. This then leads to more manufacturing jobs for Americans, reducing our unemployment rate.
  3.Helping local and US Economy
By buying American made products, we are helping our own economy grow, both local and national.  One of the problems in our overall economy, however, is that we are importing more than we are exporting, giving us a large trade deficit. By buying American made products, we help the deficit decrease, raise the tax base, and therefore increase our economic growth (
4. Safety 
Labor standards in foreign countries are not as strict as the ones in the US. Oftentimes, the ones outside of the US allow unsafe working conditions, such as child labor. When buying American, you help to support our safer working environments and laws against child labor.
5. Fair Wages
Many foreign countries often do not have minimum wage requirements and if they do, it is extremely low. So when you buy American products, you are helping to support people working hard for their fair wage as opposed to supporting overseas companies where people are getting paid less for the same hard work.
By buying American, you are doing more than just buying a product made in the USA, but you are helping an economical and business process improve. Here at 2TeeCouture we are proud of the fact that every single piece is produced here in Los Angeles,CA. Sigal Levi, the founder and designer behind 2TeeCouture, states, “We are extremely grateful that the company is able to produce the line in the same city where we design.”