Teens Protest “Teen Vogue”

Today we’re going to change it up a bit. We’re not talking fashion, food, DIY’s… We want to shed light on a group of young ladies who inspire us by fighting for something they care about.

Teens Protest “Teen Vogue,” Image via BuzzFeed

It’s no secret that most images we see are digitally altered – to remove wrinkles or to brighten up the image. We might even do it to our own personal photos. That zit? Yeah, we want it gone too! Unfortunately, many publications, such as Teen Vogue,  and advertising companies take digital alteration to extremes by distorting their models’ bodies to create the “ideal” image.

Ralph Lauren Photoshop Mishap, Image via The Fashion Globe

We remember the Ralph Lauren scandal in which they distorted the model until she looked malnourished. These images-that are far from the norm-are seen by young readers who begin to believe that this is what “real beauty is.”

The group of teens who decided to protest Teen Vogue are part of the feminist organization SPARK Summit and are advocating against altering the way the models really look. Their message is simple: all girls are beautiful and Teen Vogue should show that in their magazines. With the help of the Keep it Real campaign, these girls are making a change, and some magazines, such as Seventeen, have responded by promising to keep promoting a healthy body image.

Seventeen Magazine’s Promise to Young Girls

We’re thrilled to see young girls standing up for an important cause. We believe that all girls are beautiful, not just the ones in editorials.

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To join the Keep it Real Campaign, click here.


The 2tee Couture Team