The Comeback: Bandanas

Dani Song wearing Red Bandana at Coachella 2016

Originating in India, Bandanas have reportedly been around for at least a couple of centuries. Throughout this time, people have been using their bandanas for several different reasons.

In 2016 - bandanas are the hottest accessory of the summer. After making waves at Coachella, bandanas are now making their way to every girl's closet. 

ohyoumi wearing red bandana in hair- trendy style 2016

Bandanas are versatile (just he way we like it!) and can be worn around your neck, hair, wrist and even as a belt. Do we need to list more options? ;)

We had a recent hangout session with our favorite girl, Madison, and decided to play around with our red bandana. Check out the pictures below - 

Featured in the Image are Noa Elle's Natalie Top, Angel Top and Rumor Top

Noa Elle - Natalie Top - Red Banadana Vacation Styling Tips

Noa Elle - Natalie Lace Up Back Detail with One Teaspoon Shortsand Red Bandana

Noa Elle - Natalie Lace Up Tank in Lace - Red Banadana Hair Styling

Noa Elle Poolside Summer 2016 Photoshoot Red Banadana

Back Detail of Noa Elle Lace Up Natalie Camisole

Noa Elle - The Faint Hearted - Red Bandana Styling Tips

Noa Elle Styling Tips - Angel Top with Red Bandana, One Teaspoon Shorts

Noa Elle Angel Top - 2016 Summer Photoshoot by the Pool

Noa Elle Rumor Top - Red Banada - Polaroid Tropical Resort 2016 Photo Shoot

Noa Elle Rumor Top - Red Banada Flat Brim Straw Hat- Tropical Resort 2016 Photo Shoot

Noa Elle Rumor Top - Red Banada - Adidas Stan Smith Shoes - Bohemian Styling